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Rabbi Moshe Felsman

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Rabbi Moshe Felsman

Died Waiting

[1 minutes  34 seconds]


This is just, I got to, emotionally is the biggest problem. Just to know. To get anxious to finish with it. I mean, how long we can continue like there’s no end to it? And I don’t see the end of the tunnel. But I’m very strong-minded at that point. And I believe the light of the tunnel will come soon…

I hope. I wished someone would call me up and tell me we find a kidney for you, or something like this. You know? I’m very afraid to die; I mean, you’re limited how long you can be on dialysis too. You know, and I understand between 5 to 7 years a person has on dialysis. Most of the cases, I’m talking statistically. People die up to 7 years. Is that pikuach nefesh critical? I should get.

And I don’t understand.

So many soldiers die and everything. And they cannot find me? So many people getting killed in the world, one, one little?

I’m not a big guy I don’t need a big kidney; I need a little one.ou remember meeting with a Rabbi Moshe Feinstein?



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