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Newsletter – 11/13/2009

This week’s highlights:
Shabbat services; Candle lighting times; Organ Donation; Weekly Torah portion by R. Rabinoff; Beth Shalom Resources.

Shabbat Services Friday, Nov. 13

Services, led by Yael Ya’ar and other lay leaders, will be Friday evening, starting at 8:00 p.m., at Beth Shalom.

Shabbat Candle Lighting Times for Fairfield

Shabbat (candle lighting) begins at 4:33 p.m. Friday, November 13; Shabbat ends (Havdallah begins) Saturday, 5:33 p.m. in Fairfield.

Organ Donation — It’s Kosher
submitted by Robert Rabinoff

November is National Organ Donor Sabbath month. Please spread the word to your local synagogue and ask the rabbi to participate in a state-wide donor registry enrollment drive. Synagogues can participate in a variety of ways:
Distribute HODS educational brochures
Include information about organ donation in the shul’s newsletter
Ask your Rabbi to deliver a sermon on the topic
Hold discussions on the topic over the Shabbat table
Invite donor family members or transplant recipients to speak at your synagogue
Please forward this email to friends and ask them to register for an organ donor card on-line. Charitable donations may be made to HODS.

MISSION: To save lives by encouraging organ donation from Jews to the general population (including non-Jews). The HOD Society has facilitated more than 100 transplants saving over 100 lives since 2002.

To educate as many Jews as possible about the halachic and medical issues surrounding organ donation, so decisions about organ donation may be made based on an understanding of the issues. And, to provide the world Jewish community with a unique organ donor card that allows members to register for an organ donor card that complies with their religious beliefs.

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