Halachic Organ donor Society, P.O. box 693, New York, NY 10108-0693, Phone: 212-213-5087, Email: admin@hods.org

Scholar in Residence

My name is Robert Berman and I am the founder and director of the Halachic Organ Donor Society. I have delivered more than 850 lectures about organ donation and brain death halacha in America, Europe and Israel. Over the weekend, I usually deliver 3 lectures on different angles of organ donation (you can see them below). Please contact me if your shul is interested in having me as scholar in residence.

1. Friday Night: Paying for Organs is Illegal – Is it Immoral? A Fun Audience Debate.

2. Shabbat Morning: Organ Donation in Halacha and what is going on in Israel.

3. Mincha-Maariv: When is the moment of death? The Brain Death Controversy.

Arabic Interview

Hebrew Interview
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English Interview
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Over the last 18 years, the Halachic Organ Donor Society has:


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