Halachic Organ donor Society, P.O. box 693, New York, NY 10108-0693, Phone: 212-213-5087, Email: admin@hods.org


There are 6 ways to make a tax-deductible charitable donation
to the Halachic Organ Donor Society  501(c)(3) 
(EIN: 13-4199797):

1. CHECK: Make the check out to the “Halachic Organ Donor Society” & mail check to HOD Society, P.O. Box 693, New York, NY 10108-0693.
; for international donors using PayPal please use PAYPAL GIVING FUND.
4. WIRE TRANSFER: Contact admin@hods.org for information.
5. STOCK DONATION: Contact admin@hods.org for information.

“A few months ago my beautiful 60-year-old wife Mary died suddenly. I was devastated. Since her heart was still beating with the help of a ventilator, she was a potential organ donor. Having a generous and giving spirit in life, she always expressed her desire to be an organ donor. Even though I’m a completely secular Jew, I would not agree to organ donation unless it could be done halachically. I called a number of Orthodox rabbis here in Australia who were not supportive.

Finally, I found Rabbi Ralph Genende and Rabbi Moshe Gutnick who had been working with the Halachic Organ Donor Society and who together oversaw the donation. It was the first halachically approved organ donation in Australia. Although our entire family is extremely sad, we are consoled in our grief not only by the many lives Mary saved but by all the lives she will save in the future by Jews who will now agree to organ donation because of the precedent she set. Her generous and giving spirit will live on.” Irving Laffner

Q. What are financial donations used for?

A. The HOD Society is both an educational organization and an advocacy group.
The money raised is used for:

1. Delivering Lectures
2. Creating and Publishing Advertisements
3. Creating and Publishing Brochures
4. Producing Educational Videos
5. Using Social Media to Raise Awareness About Halachic Support for Organ Donation
6. Producing Events to Raise Awareness (e.g. our annual 5K race)
7. Manufacturing and Distributing Organ Donor Cards
8. Managing the Database of Organ Donor Card Members and Financial Donors
9. Consulting With Families in the Hospital Who are Not Sure if They Are Allowed to Donate
10. Recruiting Rabbis, Physicians & Women Leaders to Get Organ Donor Cards & Speak Out About It

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