Halachic Organ donor Society, 3926 W. Touhy Ave, Suite #365, Lincolnwood, IL, 60712-1028. Phone: 646-599-3895, Email: office@hods.org


The HOD Society is both an educational organization and an advocacy group for halachic and medical issues concerning organ donation.

The donations we receive from our members are used for the following activities. 

1. Delivering Lectures

2. Creating and Publishing Advertisements

3. Creating and Publishing Brochures

4. Producing Educational Videos

5. Using Social Media (such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube) to Raise Awareness About Halachic Support for Organ Donation

6. Producing Events to Raise Awareness (e.g. our annual 5K race)

7. Manufhttps://hods5krace.rallybound.org/acturing and Distributing HODS Organ Donor Cards

8. Managing the Database of HODS Organ Donor Card Members and Financial Donors

9. Consulting With Families in the Hospital Who are Not Sure if They Are Allowed to Donate

10. Recruiting Rabbis to Get Organ Donor Cards & Speak Out About It

11. Recruiting Physicians  to Get Organ Donor Cards & Speak Out About It

12. Recruiting Women Leaders to Get Organ Donor Cards & Speak Out About It

13. Administering the HODS Ambassador Program, an on-going college-based educational program about Halachic support for organ donation at five NY college campuses and at Hebrew University in Israel.