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Living Donor

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Read about three Live Kidney Donors.

The number of people waiting for a life-saving organ transplant continues to outpace the number of organs available from decreased donors. There has been an increase in live donation, in which individuals donate an organ while they are alive. The first successful living donor transplant was performed in 1955 at Peter Bent and Brigham Hospital in Boston, Mass. This historic medical achievement was a live donor kidney transplant between two brothers. Over the last 50 years, thousands of transplants from living donors have been successfully performed and many lives have been saved.

The following organs can be donated successfully, with minimal medical effects on the donor:

Kidney:- “For the donor there is little risk in living with one kidney because the remaining kidney compensates to do the work of both kidneys.” ( UNOS.org, 2004)

Liver: “Individuals can donate segments of liver, which has the ability to regenerate the segment and regain full function” ( UNOS.org, 2004)

The regeneration of the liver can occur within weeks after the transplant operation.

Lung: One of the lower lobes is removed from the donor, leaving the donor with four lobes.  The lung lobe does is not regenerated, but the remaining lung tissue expands to occupy the space occupated by the donated lobe.