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Who are the donors

HOD Society Living Kidney Donor Program

Eric Swim

clip_image002_b Four years ago Eric Swim of Marysville Kansas donated his kidney to Moshiko Sharon, aged 9 of Moshav Hodaya, Israel.  Eric heard about the need through the HOD Society, and with the support of his family made the decision to become a donor.  Since then he and his family developed a close relationship with the Sharons and consider Moshiko to be part of his immediate family.  In August of 2007 the Swim family once again returned to Israel, this time to celebrate Moshiko’s Bar Mitzvah, where Eric was the guest of honor.

Of his relationship with Moshiko he said “He’s like my brother, like my son.  I think about him pretty much everyday.  The first time after the surgery and when we left, he was very emotional; he didn’t want me to leave.  I said all I have is the memories…and you, you have me with you everyday, you just pat your side, you have me with you everyday.”

When asked about the possibility of the kidney failing, Eric said- “People asked me what if you donated and it failed the next day…my response has been I would have rather had tried and failed then not have tried at all”.

James Lapin

clip_image004_bIn 2005, at the age of 29 James Lapin donated his kidney to a woman in Lawrence, NY, through a match made by the HOD Society.  He describes his decision to as a natural outgrowth of coming from a family and community focused on giving and charity.  He is regular contact with the recipient and takes great pleasure in sharing all the milestones that she has been privileged to see, such as the birth of her grandchildren, because of his gift.  When describing his experiences he said ““I was on such a high the whole year.  It was an amazing emotional, spiritual experience; I would do it again in a heartbeat”

Part of James’ decision to become a live donor was the need to raise awareness about need for organ donation in the Jewish community.

Yosef Chiger

clip_image006_bIn August of 2007 Yosef Chiger of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania traveled to Israel with his wife Marcia and 5 year old daughter Kayla to donate his kidney to 19-year old Isareli solider, Ayelet Katz of Moshav Be’er Tuvia in Israel.  He started doing research about the possibility of becoming a live donor after learning about the need from the HOD Society website.  When asked about what led him to this decision Yosef said “What led me to donate was saving someone’s life; pikuach nefesh, there is nothing more important that a Jew or any other human being could do”

He said of his donation- “It was the most amazing experience I’ve gone through in my life.  I wish I could have done it sooner.  There is no feeling, like it…to know you saved someone’s life.  My Rabbi had said…don’t just think you saved her life, her children, her grandchildren, and generations on.”



Eric [1 minute]

James [1 minute]

Yosef [1 minute]

What motivated you to become a donor?

Eric [2 minutes]

James [1 minute]

Yosef [1 minute]

What was your families reaction to your decision to donate?

Eric [1 minute]

James [3 minutes]

Yosef [2 minutes]


Eric [1 minute]

Was it a difficult process?

Eric [1 minute]

Yosef [1 minute]

What was the recovery like?

James[1 minute]

What kind of medical follow up is there?

Eric [1 minute]

Why did you deciede to donate to a stranger?

Eric[1 minute]

Where you afraid your other kidney would fail?

Eric[2 minutes]

If the the donated kidney fails?

Eric[2 minutes]

What is your connection to the recipient?

James[2 minutes]

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The HOD Society will not share personal information with either party without prior consent from both parties. The HOD Society may share basic medical information, such as blood type, to determine preliminary compatibility of the parties


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