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Re: Rabbi Aharon Soloveitchik

Rabbi Binyamin Walfish

Re: Rabbi Aharon Soloveitchik

[53 seconds]

I know that Rabbi Soloveitchik rejected it because he wrote the tshuva … Rav Aharon Soloveitchik. He wrote the tshuva. And therefore, the only thing I can say is that I had to disagree. I didn’t disagree with Rav Soloveitchik; all I said was Reb Aharon didn’t speak to the Rav about this. And we couldn’t speak to the Rav anymore because he wasn’t able to communicate anymore. I’m sure that had the Rav been able to communicate this whole thing would have been cleared up quickly because the Rav himself would have said, “Yes, I accepted it.”  But we couldn’t verify this. And the fact that Rabbi Walfish later wrote a letter to Rabbi Silver… Who is Rabbi Walfish, you know? They weren’t going to accept my testimony.

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