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Imam Accepts Brain Death

Supports Organ Donation

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The position of our Sharia, you know, is that it allows, and of course it recognizes, you know, that death of anybody if the brain stem is proven dead. So this is scientific fact and is accepted by our Sharia. Organ donation is allowed in our Sharia, and it has been allowed for decades now. Because there have been Muslim conferences held for that specific purpose, in order to look into this issue, and to see if our Sharia, you know, would condone it or not. And they found that there is no objection whatever in our Sharia to donating organs. Our Sharia accepts, you know, the death of the brain stem as a sure sign of the death of any person. Our Sharia allows, you know, organs to be donated to non-Muslims, whether these non-Muslims are Jews or Christians for example or even other religions also. There is no debate whatsoever between Sunnis and Shi’ites, you know, in relation to organ donation. There is no debate. Islam is a universal religion and therefore, you know, it encompasses all mankind. Everybody is included, you know, as human beings, the creatures of God. And so we look upon every person as our brother or sister.