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MK Rabbi Dov Lipman

MK Rabbi Dov Lipman
[2 minutes  10 seconds]


Every year in Israel about 100 people die while waiting for an organ transplant . They don’t have to die. There is a very simple solution. More people need to sign the ADI organ donor card. I signed an ADI organ donor card here and abroad I signed the organ donor card of the Halachic Organ Donor Society. If God forbid something happens, I’ll merit to save eight people – God’s creations – regardless of their religion or ethnicity. In our struggle for life there is no ‘we’ and ‘them.’ There is only we, all of us together.
I signed an organ donor card for four reasons:
1. God commanded us to “choose life.”
2. I believe in civic responsibility and mutual concern.
3. I recognize that brain death is death, as also determined by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and many former Chief Rabbis.
4. As a husband and a father of four children, I want to know if God forbid one of them will need a life-saving organ transplant – I will hope that many people will have signed an organ donor card. Today, only 14% of Israelis have signed donor cards.
We have a lot more work ahead of us and we should strive to be a model society in which 100% of its citizens, healthy adults, have signed organ donor cards. I call upon all citizens of Israel and all members of the Knesset to demonstrate civic responsibility and get an organ donor card. You can get a life-saving organ donor card by dialing *6262 or by logging on to www.itc.gov.il. There is no greater privilege, Honorable Chairman, than saving lives. There is no better feeling than knowing that you can save a life. Please register for a card.


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