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Donating Organs to Non-Jews

Rabbi Mordechai Tendler

testifies as to Rabbi Moshe Feinstein’s position on:
Donating Organs to Non-Jews
[1 minute  5 seconds]


Rabbi Mordechai Tendler:   
My grandfather’s position about the donation of organs to non-Jews was quite simple that we do not differentiate, and because of the halachas of aiva, we do not have any point of halachic or practical differentiation. Even if was possible somehow to differentiate, we don’t differentiate as an absolute concept. That being stated, if a person has the prerogative to donate an organ to a Jew who needs it, if that prerogative is granted to the person, or to donate it just to the organ transplant organization, it goes to anyone who’s on the list, well, presumably, there’s a priority to members of the club. Very often that prerogative is not really given to a person in which case he just donates it to the general organ… whatever it is… pool and whatever happens, happens to it.


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