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Quiz Yourself



This is a short quiz (10 questions) about medical and halachic issues surrounding brain death  and organ donation.  If you are a teacher in a Jewish day school and you score a 90% or more on this exam, you will receive a $10 Starbucks Gift card provided your school is on our select list of schools. Please watch this video and animation about brain death before taking this exam.

1. Question 1

'From dust you came; to dust you shall return' is a verse from the Torah that proves halacha (Jewish law) requires us to be buried in the ground with all of our organs. True or False?

2. Question 2

“We shouldn’t sign an organ donor card because if we do the ‘Evil Eye’ will cause it (our death) to happen.” True or False?

3. Question 3

“Brain death is the same thing as coma.” True or False?

4. Question 4

“Brain Death is considered death by both American law and Israeli law and by the law of every country in the Western world. Furthermore, the Chief Rabbinate of Israel accepts brain death and encourages organ donation from Jew to the general population.” True of False?

5. Question 5

“Judaism require Jews to be buried with all their organs in order to be resurrected.” True or False?

6. Question 6

“Once brain death occurs, as long as oxygen is supplied by the ventilator the heart can continue beating for years.”  True or False?

7. Question 7

Halacha (Jewish law) forbids autopsy and organ donation because of the three biblical prohibitions concerning a cadaver: you are not allowed to get benefit, desecrate or delay burial of a dead body. True or False?

8. Question 8

The Rabbis who prohibit organ donation do so because:

9. Question 9

When most people die, their brain and heart die within minutes of each other. Brain death is an odd situation where a patient who had already been connected to a ventilator loses blood flow to the brain and it dies and his heart continues to pump. This strange situation happens to what percentage of all people that die?

10. Question 10

No Orthodox rabbis agree that organs should be donated upon the onset of brain death (where there is a beating heart).
True or False?


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