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Date Publication Article Web page
04/04/2022TabletTo Save A Lifeview webpage
11/01/2021Hadassah MagazineIsrael Ranks Near the Top in Live Organ Donationsview webpage
11/01/2021Hadassah MagazineA Perfect Matchview webpage
05/23/2021The Times of IsraelOrgans of Arab Teen Allegedly Shot By Police Save Arab and Jewish Livesview webpage
05/22/2021CNNKidney from Jew Killed in Mob Violence Goes to Arab Womanview webpage
10/19/2020My Jewish LearningDoes Judaism Allow Organ Donation?view webpage
08/04/2020ForwardShe needs a kidney. The pandemic is in her way.view webpage
2020JAMAConversations with Dr. Bauchner: Understanding Brain Deathview webpage
5/19/2020The GuardianAll adults in England to be deemed organ donors in 'opt-out' systemview webpage
03/12/2020Jewish PressManchester Rabbi Warns: Government Will Take Organs From Living People


view webpage
02/26/2020The Jewish ChronicleHealth department announces new 'opt-out' organ donation system will be introduced in Mayview webpage
11/03/2019The CommentatorThe Biggest Mitzvah in the World?view webpage
10/31/2019The Jewish LinkLiveOnNY Launches Major Initiative to Advance Organ Donation in NY Jewish Communityview webpage
10/24/2019The Yeshiva University ObserverNew Halachic Organ Donor Society Initiates Dialogue on Beren Campusview webpage
08/08/2019HaaretzFor These Palestinian Kids, a First-ever Day at the Beach Means the Whole view webpage
04/01/2019South Netanya Ashkenazi Congregation (“SNAC”) ShotsThe Last Mitzvah - Page 28 view webpage
06/11/2019The New York Times11,000 Americans Will Die Waiting For Transplants This Yearview webpage
05/20/2019MercatornetIs death by organ donation around the corner?view webpage
05/12/2019The Times of IsraelRabbis Work to Uproot Taboo Against Organ Donation  view webpage
05/20/2019Land of Israel NetworkIs Organ Donation Against Halacha?view webpage
05/07/2019The Blog – Times of IsraelVehicular organ donor campaign could backfire    view webpage
4/22/2019Los Angeles Times

Calm down, everyone. Keeping dead pig cells alive is not 'brain resuscitation’

view webpage
04/19/2019The Times of IsraelAfter Israeli breakthrough: The ethics of a 3D-printed heartview webpage
04/18/2019The Times of IsraelAfter Israeli success, ethical concerns bleed into hopes for 3D-printed organsview webpage
04/17/2019The AtlanticScientists Partly Restore Activity in Dead-Pig Brains -- Now what? view webpage
04/15/2019United With IsraelIsraeli Biological Breakthrough - First-Ever 3D-Printed Living Heart!view webpage
04/14/2019The CommentatorSCDS Hosts 'Soon By You' Creators for a Viewing Partyview webpage
04/07/2019The Arab WeeklyThe shortcomings of organ donation in the Arab world.view webpage
02/22/2019South Wales Argus

Ethical Concerns Raised Over Move to Presumed Consent for Organ Donation

view webpage
02/13/2019Cleveland Jewish NewsRedefining Death and Jewish Views of Organ Donationview webpage
02/05/2019The TabletThe Man Who Remade Deathview webpage
10/16/2018The Yeshiva WorldPalestinian Baby Clings to Life After Receiving Heart Transplant From a Jewish Childview webpage
08/12/2018BBCInterview with HODS Founder & Director Robby Bermanview webpage
07/11/2018New York TimesNew York Has World-Class Hospitals. Why Is It So Bad for People in Need of Transplants?view webpage
07/13/2018My Jewish LearningDoes Judaism Allow Organ Donations?view webpage
06/06/2018The New York Jewish WeekOrgan Donor 5K Honors Volunteerview webpage
4/26/2018Balkan Transitional JusticeKosovo Organ-Trafficking Defendant Claims Transplants Were Legalview webpage
4/30/2018Inter Press Service

Human Trafficking for Organs: Ending Abuse of the Poorest

view webpage
3/15/2018The Yeshiva WorldIsrael_ Chareidi Campaign Launched Against Organ Donations _ Yeshiva World News - 3-15-2018view webpage
02/25/2018Jerusalem Post

Modern Orthodox Rabbis Endorse Organ Donation As A Mitzva 

view webpage
03/15/2018The Yeshiva Worldview webpage
02/01/2018NeuroLogica BlogA Case of Brain Deathview webpage
02/05/2018The New YorkerWhat Does It Mean to Die_ _ The New Yorkerview webpage
01/22/2018New York Jewish LifeLiving Flesh:_Jewish Organ Donationview webpage
01/08/2018ForwardIsraeli Wanted By Interpol Arrested For Running Organ Harvesting Ringview webpage
12/20/2017The New ArabThe dilemmas of organ donation in Muslim countriesview webpage
12/09/2017Radio Program: Halacha HeadlineShould you sign an organ donor card and save as many as 8 lives? --- Organ Donation and Brain Death, a Halachik Debateview webpage
12/09/2017International Business TimesWhat are red markets? World's major organ trafficking countries bank on poverty and desperationview webpage
10/22/2017The Jerusalem PostOrgan donation is one way everyone can become a superhero.view webpage
11/21/2017Tablet MagazineDonating a Kidney to a Stranger Gives Thanksgiving a Whole New Meaning view webpage
11/02/2017The Jewish NewsTorah for Today! This week: Organ donationview webpage
09/30/2017Big ThinkHow about a voucher for an organview webpage
06/22/2017Jewish StandardWhere does salvation come from?view webpage
01/08/2017Actualité JuiveChief Rabbi Michel Gugenheim: "The Jews must register on the national file of refusal of organ donation"view webpage
01/09/2017The Times of IsraelChief Rabbi Gugenheim:register on the "national file of refusal" of the donation of organsview webpage
2/12/2017Manchester Jewish TelegraphWhy Jewish Law Does Allow Organ Donationview webpage
2/27/2017Daily SabahBursa Hospitals Exceed Turkish and European Organ Transplant Averagesview webpage
2/26/2017New York PostOrgan Donation Can Save Lives - But Donors Are Scarceview webpage
2/24/2017The AlgemeinerNew York Times Promotes Myth That Jews Oppose Organ Donationview webpage
1/30/2017The New York Jewish Weekthe-ethical-imperative-of-organ-donation-_-jewish-weekview webpage
1/04/2017The IndependentAll French Citizens Are Now Organ Donors Unless They Opt Outview webpage
12/11/2016BBC Newshow-judaisms-definition-of-death-can-boost-organ-donations-bbc-newsview webpage
11/24/2016Jerusalem Post

The Human Spirit: On the list

view webpage
10/02/2016The Washington PostAt 18 years old, he donated a kidney. Now, he regrets it.view webpage
09/30/2016Public Radio International – The WorldShimon Peres Wanted Israelis to be Organ Donors — Like Himview webpage
09/28/2016The Jewish WeekOn Brain Deathview webpage
08/12/2016The New York TimesIsraeli Anglo Needs a Lung Transplantview webpage
03/18/2016Jewish Telegraphic AgencyRussian chief rabbi slams court ruling on organ harvesting by defaultview webpage
Resource Packet for Lecture on Brain-Stem Death and Organ DonationResource Packet for Lecture on Brain-Stem Death and Organ Donationview webpage
6/12/2015TabletGifts of the Body - Amending the Jewish Take On Organ and Whole Body Donationview webpage
2/26/2015That’s Life with Miriam L. Wallach – Nachum Segal NetworkInterview with HODS Founder & Director Robby Berman
view webpage
2/26/2015Jewish Link of New JerseyWhy I Support Halachic Organ Donationview webpage
2/12/2015YNET NewsFamily's Emotional Plea - YNET NEWS - 10-9-2014view webpage
1/19/2015Voice of IsraelSaving Lives: One Organ Donor At A Timeview webpage
1/18/2015The Jerusalem PostFewer Organ Transplants in 2014 Because Of Lower Number of Lower-Brain-Dead Donorsview webpage
7/11/2012New York TimesTransplant Brokers in Israel Lure Desperate Kidney Patients to Costa Rica
10/9/2014YNet NewsHaredi Leaders Stops Rabbi's Organ Donation Projectview webpage
9/13/2014EPOCH TimesDavid Matas: Transplant Tourism from the Middle Eastview webpage
9/19/2014Medscape Medical NewsWhy Brain Death is Deathview webpage
8/17/2014PBS NewshourInside the Growing Global Market of Organ Traffickingview webpage
7/11/2012Nj.comBrooklyn man sentenced to 2 1/2 years for role in black-market kidney trafficking schemeview webpage
01/13/2012The Jerusalem PostModern Orthodox Organ Donor Campaign Slammedview webpage
6/30/2014 Science of Us Why Are New Yorkers So Stingy When It Comes to Organ Donation? view webpage
6/18/2014 Voz Iz Neias Orthodox Jewish Girl Undergoes Heart Transplant At Children’s Hospital At Montefiore view webpage
6/17/2014 That’s Life with Miriam L. Wallach – Nachum Segal Network Interview with HODS Founder and Director Robby Berman view webpage
6/13/2014 The Australian Jewish News Have a heart, give a heart N/A
6/12/2014 That’s Life with Miriam L. Wallach – Nachum Segal Network Interview with Robby Berman view webpage
5/26/2014 The Star.com Organ Harvesting in China Continues Despite Canadian Human Rights Lawyer’s Work view webpage
5/23/2014 The Chronicle Herald Organ Donation: Presumed Consent Highly Presumptuous view webpage
5/1/2014 The Jewish News If we take organs, we should donate them – Letter to Editor by Hannah Niman N/A
4/22/2014 Jerusalem Post Five people saved with organs from 24-year-old man killed on motorcycle view webpage
4/7/2014 New York Law Journal State Loses Bid for Immunity Over Organ Donation Error view webpage
3/6/2014 Ha’Aretz Campaigns Flopped, Israelis Still Relunctant to Donate Organs view webpage
2/23/2014 The Jewish Press Say No to Default Organ Donations: Opt Out New view webpage
2/16/2014 The Canadian Jewish News Jews Urged to Become Organ Donors view webpage
1/23/2014 Ha’Aretz End Israeli Organ Donation Taboo – Editorial by Robby Berman N/A
1/21/2014 Ha’Aretz Topple the taboo against organ donation in Israel (Editorial by Robby Berman) view webpage
1/19/2014 Jerusalem Post Israel Transplant Center reaches all-time high in number of transplants, potential donors view webpage
11/22/2013 National Post What Canada Can Learn from Israel on Organ Donation view webpage
11/19/2013 News One Lungs After Sudden Death N/A
11/17/2013 Forbes Paying for Body Parts: A Dilemma Obamacare Doesn’t Have to Confront — Yet view webpage
11/14/2013 Yediot Achronot Birth After Brain Death N/A
11/7/2013 Haaretz New Bill Aims to Make Israelis Organ Donors by Default view webpage
11/6/2013 Ha’Aretz (Hebrew) Knesset Considers Opt Out N/A
11/1/2013 Yediot Acharonot (Hebrew) The Transplant Connection (Hebrew) N/A
10/21/2013 Hamodia (Hebrew) Costa Rica: Doctors Arrested for Selling Kidneys to Israelis N/A
10/11/2013 Ha’Aretz (Hebrew) More arrests in the case of the sale of kidneys for Israelis in Costa Rica view webpage
10/10/2013 Kipa.co.il (Hebrew) Gift of Life – The Story of kidney donor view webpage
10/9/2013 National Post (Canada) Today’s letters: Israel has the right idea about organ donations view webpage
10/3/2013 The Jerusalem Post TA Researchers Find Some Patients in Vegetative State Can React to Emotional Stimuli view webpage
10/2/2013 Maariv/NRG (Hebrew) Longest Living Recipient of Artificial Heart view webpage
9/30/2013 IFAT.com (Hebrew) A Day in My Life: Eva Steiner – Part Two view webpage
9/30/2013 IFAT.com (Hebrew) How much is our health worth? view webpage
9/30/2013 IFAT.com (Hebrew) A Day in My Life: Eva Steiner view webpage
9/11/2013 The Jerusalem Post Man who had lung transplant to blow shofar for first time in 40 years view webpage
9/4/2013 YNET News 61% of Israelis: Separate State, religion view webpage
8/1/2013 Jewish Australian Internet Radio “Think Jewish” with Rabbi David Gutnick view webpage
7/25/2013 VStar.com (Ventura County Star) Interfaith: Organ donations not only saves lives, it keeps commandments view webpage
7/22/2013 The Columbus Dispatch Dispute over organ donation brings attention to defining death view webpage
7/12/2013 Galus Australis RCV has given in principle support to organ donation – Editorial view webpage
7/12/2013 The Columbus Dispatch Family Loses Fight to Keep Son’s Organs from Donation view webpage
7/4/2013 Jewish News Online (UK) Orthodox concern over Welsh organ donor law view webpage
7/3/2013 The Kansas City Jewish Chronicle Local Jewish man seeks donor kidney view webpage
6/28/2013 ynetnews.com Tourist’s organs save lives of 3 Israelis view webpage
6/24/2013 The Jewish Press Israeli Doctors Allegedly Involved in Organ Trafficking Ring view webpage
6/21/2013 Tablet Israeli Organ Trafficking Ring Broken Up view webpage
6/18/2013 The Times of Israel What do the dead really want? (Op-Ed, Robby Berman) view webpage
6/13/2013 The Times of Israel Saving Nadrah view webpage
5/6/2013 YNET News Rabbi Okays HIV-Positive Organ Donation view webpage
4/29/2013 New York Daily News Three Convicted in Kosovo Organ Trafficking Ring that Harvested Kidneys Illegally From Poor Donors view webpage
4/26/2013 The Jerusalem Post Champion HODS/HaGov Completes Perfect Season view webpage
4/4/2013 YNET News Man Convicted of Organ Trade Jailed for 3 Years view webpage
3/15/2013 Jewish Press Community Currents – Race for HODS (Lower left column) N/A
3/13/2013 Maariv Magazine (Hebrew) Organ Donation is not Taboo N/A
3/10/2013 The Jerusalem Post TA Researchers Find Some Patients in Vegetative State Can React to Emotional Stimuli N/A
2/28/2013 Brisbane Times.com.au Organ donation proposals might go too far view webpage
2/26/2013 The Nachum Segal JM in the AM Teen Spirit with Rivka Abbe (go to 02-26-2013) view webpage
2/18/2013 The Jerusalem Post Organs and Statistics (Op-Ed by Robby Berman) view webpage
2/7/2013 Jerusalem Post ADI organ donor registry grows, transplants fall view webpage
2/7/2013 Haaretz Family consent for organ donations in Israel declines after surprise spike in 2011 view webpage
1/23/2013 West Hartford News.com Donors find religious, spiritual support to become organ donors view webpage
1/18/2013 The Jewish Chronicle Organs and Halacha (Letters to Editor: Dr. Lieberman & Dr. Hasson) N/A
12/27/2012 The Jerusalem Post President Meets with Organ Donors Families view webpage
11/5/2012 The Jerusalem Post Card Them – Letter to Editor – Berman view webpage
10/15/2012 The Jerusalem Post 16-Year-Old Athlete Organ Donor Saves 6 Patients view webpage
8/16/2012 Fox News Latino Organ Trafficking on the Rise view webpage
8/4/2012 UPI.com China busts organ trafficking ring view webpage
8/1/2012 LifeSiteNews.com UK suggests ethically controversial strategies to increase organ donations view webpage
7/27/2012 Jerusalem Post Spare lung from Cyprus transplanted at Beilinson view webpage
7/26/2012 jweekly.com Organ donations in Israel on upswing but still debated view webpage
7/14/2012 Central New Jersey.com Worldwide trade in human organs is booming view webpage
6/28/2012 The Jewish Press A Revolutionary Rabbinic Idea for Organ Donations view webpage
6/28/2012 New York Times Black Market for Body Parts Spreads in Europe view webpage
6/20/2012 The New York Times Albany Bill on Organ Donation Urges License Applicants to Act view webpage
6/14/2012 The Yeshiva World Bold Organ Donor Proposal Linked to Chief Rabbinate view webpage
6/14/2012 Arutz Sheva Rabbi Proposes Beit Din Decide Organ Donations view webpage
6/14/2012 The Jerusalem Post Rabbi: Organ donations OK without dead’s consent view webpage
6/12/2012 The Jerusalem Post Family of deceased 46-year-old donates 7 organs view webpage
6/11/2012 New York Times The Reward for Donating a Kidney: No Insurance view webpage
6/11/2012 YouTube.com Comedy Fundraiser to Support HODS view webpage
6/11/2012 The Canadian Jewish News Organ Donation: “Highest Form of Mitzvah” view webpage
6/6/2012 New York Post Montefior live-donor transplant program shut down after donor mom dies during surgery view webpage
6/5/2012 Multiple HODS Press Release Pakistan view webpage
5/29/2012 Scientific American Insides Trading: What Impact Will Facebook Have on Organ Donations? view webpage
5/23/2012 Vos iz Neias Tel Aviv – Police Arrest 10 Israelis On Suspicion of Organ-Trafficking view webpage
5/22/2012 The Jerusalem Post Police bust suspected organ trafficking ring view webpage
5/22/2012 ynetNews.com Suspicion: Israelis harvested organs from the needy view webpage
5/22/2012 The Times of Israel 10 Israelis suspected of organ trafficking view webpage
5/17/2012 New York Times Using a D.M.V. Wait to Enroll Organ Donors view webpage
5/12/2012 YouTube.com HODS Race in Central Park view webpage
5/11/2012 Haaretz Turning Morality on its Head by Berman & Lavee view webpage
5/2/2012 Discover Magazine The Beating Heart Donors view webpage
5/1/2012 Jerusalem Post State Comptroller report on the Health Ministry view webpage
4/26/2012 Fox News.com Kidney used in two different tranplant patients makes medical history view webpage
4/23/2012 Jerusalem Post Organ donor cards enable 3 to jump to head of line view webpage
4/22/2012 YNET – Hebrew First Time: Got Organs without waiting because had an Adi card view webpage
3/31/2012 New York Times Kidney Experts Urge a Single Registry to Oversee Kidney Transplant Donations view webpage
3/19/2012 The Daily Beast Israel’s Campaign to Halt Organ Trafficking Tourism view webpage
3/13/2012 New York Times What you lose when you sign that organ donor card view webpage
2/25/2012 Huff Post Organ Donation: Jews Can Learn Something From Atheists view webpage
2/23/2012 Israel Today (Hebrew) Medical Miracle with Donation of Lungs by 75 year old woman view webpage
2/23/2012 The Jerusalem Post Organs removed in autopsies to be buried view webpage
2/16/2012 New York Times In Israel, A New Approach to Organ Donation (with comments) view webpage
2/16/2012 New York Times Who Deserves a Heart Transplant? view webpage
2/14/2012 Jerusalem Post Words Can Kill view webpage
1/31/2012 Haaretz Woman dies after hospital gives her incompatible heart view webpage
1/27/2012 Globes (Hebrew) Lamut K’halacha – To die according to Halacha view webpage
1/22/2012 The Post and Courier (Charleston, SC) Local Rabbi Assesses Risk, Donates Kidney to Help Stranger view webpage
1/19/2012 Haaretz – Hebrew Establishment of rabbinical body to monitor the doctors view webpage
1/19/2012 Haaretz Israel’s Chief Rabbinate freezes plan to help determine brain death view webpage
1/15/2012 Vos iz Neias Israel – Dramatic Increase in Organ Transplants recorded in 2011 view webpage
1/15/2012 Haaretz – Hebrew Chief Rabbinate Proposes Guidelines to Organ Donation view webpage
1/13/2012 The Jerusalem Post Modern Orthodox organ-donor campaign slammed view webpage
1/12/2012 Haaretz Dramatic Increase in Organ Transplants recorded in Israel in 2011 view webpage
1/12/2012 5 Towns Jewish Times 200 Lives Saved: HODS Celebrates First 10 Years view webpage
1/4/2012 Marginal Revolution No-Give, No-Take in Israel view webpage
12/26/2011 Vos Iz Neias Germany – Scientists Developed Automatic Skin Making Machine view webpage
12/6/2011 The Jewish Week Rebbe Jonathan Sacks? Letter by Adam Greenberg view webpage
12/6/2011 YNET – Hebrew Record high in Organ Donations: 105 Donations in 5 months (in Hebrew) view webpage
12/1/2011 The Seattle Times Court: Some bone-marrow donors can be paid view webpage
12/1/2011 VosIzNeias.com Court: Some Bone Marrow Donors Can Be Paid view webpage
12/1/2011 Community Magazine – a Sephardic Monthly The Donation of Life view webpage
11/29/2011 Medical Xpress Presumed consent not answer to solving organ shortage in US, researchers say view webpage
11/28/2011 VosIzNeias.com Making Sure Kidney Donors Fare as Well as Possible view webpage
11/27/2011 Haaretz Why I’m Canceling My (ADI) Organ Donor Card view webpage
11/9/2011 New York Times Study Finds Signs of Awareness in 3 ‘Vegetative’ Patients view webpage
11/8/2011 The Wall Street Journal The Market for Kidneys, Livers, and Lungs view webpage
11/8/2011 Haaretz Brain-Dead and Alive (Letter to Editor – Berman) view webpage
11/8/2011 Haaretz Ultra-Orthodox pressure takes women off ads for Jerusalem organ donor campaign view webpage
11/4/2011 YNET Where have all the women gone? view webpage
11/3/2011 Vos iz Neias Brooklyn, NY – Over 50 Rabbis Attend First Conference Of ‘Chayim Aruchim’ Org. view webpage
11/3/2011 Jerusalem Post CNN: Beduin Smugglers Stealing Organs from Refugees view webpage
11/2/2011 YNET – Hebrew Look for the Woman: Organ Donor Campaign for Men Only (Hebrew) view webpage
11/1/2011 Bloomberg News Organ Gangs Force Poor to Sell Kidneys for Desperate Israelis view webpage
10/28/2011 ABC News Blogs NY Man Pleads Guilty to Organ Trafficking view webpage
10/27/2011 Bloomberg News Kidney Broker Pleads Guilty in First U.S. Organ-Traffic case view webpage
10/23/2011 Jerusalem Post Israeli Donation Saves Bethlemen Teen view webpage
10/10/2011 Nuffield Council on Bioethics Ethics body suggests NHS pays for funerals of organ donors view webpage
10/4/2011 Hirhurim – Musings Brain Death in Israel view webpage
10/3/2011 The Toronto Star Religious Leaders Confront Myths that Stop Faithful from Donating Organs view webpage
9/28/2011 The Canadian Jewish News Nothing Beats Saving Lives N/A
9/26/2011 Jerusalem Post Rabbis urge religious public to volunteer as organ donors view webpage
9/25/2011 Voz Iz Neias.com Israel – Rabbis Urge Religious Public to Volunteer as Organ Donors view webpage
9/22/2011 Arutz Sheva Donating Organs using the Bilvavi Card (Hebrew) view webpage
9/21/2011 Voz Iz Neias.com Dialysis 3 times Weekly Might not be Enough view webpage
9/11/2011 Haaretz.com New Organ-Donor Card for Religious Community Draws Expert Opposition view webpage
9/11/2011 Haaretz – Hebrew Where good intentions lead view webpage
8/30/2011 VosIzNeias.com Will new MRI System End Autopsies in Israel? view webpage
7/24/2011 ynet.co.il The Knesset did not yield; There will not be an “ADI card for Datiyim” view webpage
7/23/2011 ynet.co.il ADI for the Religious – a trick to get preference for organ donation view webpage
7/22/2011 Haaretz.com Officials: New Donor Cards will reduce organ transplants view webpage
6/16/2011 Guysen News International Le combat de Juifs orthodoxes pour le don d’organes view webpage
6/14/2011 ynetnews.co.il Organ donations set new record view webpage
6/2/2011 The Canadian Jewish News Jews urged to become organ donors view webpage
5/3/2011 The Jewish Tribune A bar mitzvah for just one body part view webpage
3/14/2011 New York Times Kidney Transplants (Letter – Brody) view webpage
3/5/2011 New York Times Giving Life After Death Row view webpage
3/5/2011 New York Times How Not to Assign Kidneys view webpage
3/3/2011 5 Towns Jewish Times Letters – Berman & Boas view webpage
2/27/2011 New York Times Transplants and Rationing view webpage
2/25/2011 The Jewish Chronicle Reverse Donor Card N/A
2/25/2011 Rationalist Judaism Analogy vs. Inference view webpage
2/24/2011 Washington Post Under Kidney Transplant Proposal, Younger Patients would get the best organs view webpage
2/24/2011 5 Towns Jewish Times Letters to Editor – Shafran & Zacharowicz view webpage
2/24/2011 New York Times New Kidney Transplant Policy Would Favor Younger Patients view webpage
2/24/2011 The Jewish News Letters – Berman N/A
2/23/2011 Scarsdale Patch Patch Whiz Kid of the Week: Elana Bengualid view webpage
2/15/2011 JTA Moshe Tendler Thinks You’re Wrong and He’s Not Afraid to Say So view webpage
2/14/2011 TotallyJewish.com Letters To The Editor – Berman & Bradley view webpage
2/14/2011 The Canadian Jewish News Rabbis urge brain death standard for organ donors view webpage
2/14/2011 Jerusalem Report Brain Death is Final N/A
2/11/2011 The Jewish Chronicle Chief’s Inflammatory Transplant views (Letters to the Editor) N/A
2/11/2011 The Jewish Daily Forward Case for Organ Donation Remains Solid view webpage
2/10/2011 TotallyJewish.com Letters – Roselaar view webpage
2/10/2011 Five Towns Jewish Times Letters to the Editor – Zacharowicz & Berman view webpage
2/9/2011 New Jersey Jewish News Local rabbi sees transplant report as ‘unholy’ view webpage
2/4/2011 The Jewish Chronicle Comments on “Chief Rabbi’s VIews on Organ Donation” N/A
2/4/2011 Failed Messiah Israeli Organ Donations Soar after Soccer Star Dies view webpage
2/1/2011 The Jewish Week Moral Consistency view webpage
1/29/2011 Covenant and Conversation Organ donation in Jewish Law (2nd article in Newsletter) view webpage
1/28/2011 The Jewish Chronicle Chief Rabbi ‘Unclear’ on Organ Donation (Dr. Barry Hoffbrand)) N/A
1/27/2011 Irish Times Chief rabbi’s edict on organ donation raises supply concerns view webpage
1/27/2011 The Jewish News The Chief Rabbi is being disingenuous N/A
1/27/2011 Top News Controversy Over Organ Donation May Cause Difficulty in Organ Harvesting view webpage
1/27/2011 The Jewish Star Brain Dead about Brain Death view webpage
1/27/2011 The Jewish Star Letters to the Jewish Star (Dr. Harold Perl) view webpage
1/27/2011 Responsa in Israel It is Forbidden to Pray for the Recovery of a Brain Dead Patient (in Hebrew) N/A
1/26/2011 The Jewish Daily Forward Debate Over Jewish Guidelines for Organ Donation Crosses the Atlantic view webpage
1/24/2011 The Independent Britain’s Orthodox Jews in organ donor card row view webpage
1/23/2011 Arutz Sheva Rabbi’s Organ Donation Controversy Resurfaces: INN Review view webpage
1/22/2011 savethemorals.com The chief rabbi’s immoral stance on donor cards view webpage
1/22/2011 BMJ Transplantations fall in Israel as new law takes effect N/A
1/22/2011 BMJ Rabbi Says Brain Stem Death is not enough for Organ Donation N/A
1/21/2011 The Jewish Chronicle Beth Din Must Be Pressed on Organ Donation (Dr. Jeremy Crane) N/A
1/21/2011 The Jewish Daily Forward May Brain-Dead Jews Donate Organs for Transplant? view webpage
1/20/2011 The Jewish Star Is brain death enough? RCA says maybe view webpage
1/20/2011 The Jewish Chronicle Organ donation in Jewish law view webpage
1/19/2011 Matzav Rav Flaum on Brain Death and P’sak Halacha (See video on Web Page) view webpage
1/19/2011 St. Louis Jewish Light Rabbis Criticize Report Seen as Hindering Organ Transplants view webpage
1/18/2011 Atlanta Jewish News Organ Donation, a Lifesaving Mitzvah: Beth Jacob Member Needs a Kidney view webpage
1/18/2011 The Guardian The Chief Rabbi’s Immoral Stance on donor cards view webpage
1/17/2011 The Guardian Letters: Higher Calling (several writers) view webpage
1/17/2011 Baltimore Jewish Life Agudath Israel Responds to Recent Statement Regarding Organ Donation and Brain Death view webpage
1/17/2011 Hirhurim – Torah Musings Statement re Statement re Brain Death view webpage
1/16/2011 Text and Texture The Brain Death Debate: A Methodological Analysis – Part 1 (Yoma Passage) view webpage
1/16/2011 Cross Currents Sarah Palin and the State of Halachic Discourse view webpage
1/16/2011 Emes Ve-Emunah Brain Death and Chazal view webpage
1/14/2011 The Guardian Organ donor cards are not incompatible with Jewish law view webpage
1/14/2011 TotallyJewish.com ‘I’d Be An Organ Donor’ view webpage
1/14/2011 The Jewish Chronicle Donor Hypocrisy N/A
1/14/2011 The Jewish Chronicle Chief Asks for Organ Card Shift view webpage
1/14/2011 The Jewish Chronicle Letters – Robby J. Berman N/A
1/13/2011 Office of the Chief Rabbi There is only a problem when the duties to honour life and to save life are in conflict view webpage
1/13/2011 Cross Currents Bar Kamtza Should Not Have Been Invited to This Event Either view webpage
1/13/2011 The Jewish Star Is brain death enough? RCA says maybe view webpage
1/12/2011 Organ and Tissue Donation Blog Acceptance of brain-stem death reaffirmed by rabbis view webpage
1/12/2011 Rationalist Judaism Dismissing Rashi, Undermining the Chasam Sofer view webpage
1/12/2011 5 Towns Jewish Times Brain Stem Death – The War Begins view webpage
1/12/2011 Matzav.com Left-Wing Rabbis Call Rav Shlomo Zalman’s Shitah On Organ Donation “Morally Untenable” view webpage
1/12/2011 The Jerusalem Post Acceptance of brain-stem death reaffirmed by rabbis view webpage
1/12/2011 The Jewish Daily Forward May Brain Dead Jews Donate Organs for Transplant view webpage
1/11/2011 Galatz Interview with Robby Berman N/A
1/11/2011 The Jewish Week Pushback from Some Orthodox Rabbis on Brain-Death Ruling view webpage
1/11/2011 Vos Iz Neias London – Doctors Criticize Chief Rabbi’s Edict Against Donor Cards view webpage
1/11/2011 The Guardian Doctors criticise chief rabbi’s edict against donor cards view webpage
1/11/2011 Vos Iz Neias London – Doctors Criticize Chief Rabbi’s Edict Against Donor Cards view webpage
1/10/2011 ynetnews.com All the answers: Why is it a Mitzvah to donate organs? (in Hebrew) view webpage
1/10/2011 Rationalist Judaism The Critical Ramifications of Correctly Identifying a Scientific-Halachic Issue view webpage
1/10/2011 Young Israel of Scarsdale Newsletter The RCA and Brain Death – w/ comments by Rabbi Jonathan Morgenstern view webpage
1/10/2011 The Jerusalem Post US rabbis avoid clear stance on brain-stem death view webpage
1/7/2011 Failed Messiah After Being Caught Lying And Skewing Information, The RCA Backtracks – Sort Of – From Its New Stand On Organ Donation view webpage
1/7/2011 Vos Iz Neias New York – Rabbinical Council Clarifies Stance on Organ Donation view webpage
1/7/2011 The Jewish Daily Forward Orthodox Rabbinic Group Seeks To Clarify Stance on Organ Donation view webpage
1/7/2011 Rabbinical Council Of America Brain Stem Death and Jewish Law view webpage
1/6/2011 The Jewish Chronicle Storm Over Avi Cohen Organ Donation view webpage
1/6/2011 The Jewish Chronicle Rabbis Battle Over Organ Transplants view webpage
1/5/2011 The Jerusalem Post YU Ethics Expert Censures Rabbis over Brain-Stem Death view webpage
1/5/2011 The Blog of Garnel Ironheart Taking A Firm Stand view webpage
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8/1/2005 Kennedy School Bulletin It’s All in the Cards view webpage
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4/14/1969 Chabad On Donating Organs view webpage

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